Our Origins


Duet rekindles the humanity in both giving and receiving by connecting donors with vulnerable populations in a more dignified, efficient and personal way.

At Duet, we believe in the generosity of the human spirit. When the Duet team met in a social innovation, engineering, and design course at the University of Southern California (USC), we recognized in each other the desire to make a positive impact in the world. We realized that like us, people want to help, but there was a gap between their opportunities to do so and beneficiaries’ actual needs. 

By involving the local businesses as key stakeholders in our solution, we have discovered the key to creating a dynamic model for philanthropy in the 21st century. This model gives us the ability to lift the local economies, provide radical transparency to donors, and gives those in need the dignity of choice, a key in increasing beneficiary autonomy. By leveraging our combined backgrounds in computer science, design, engineering, business, development, bioengineering, and nonprofits, we developed a tech solution to change the face of philanthropy today. And so, Duet was born. 

How we do it


We empower aid recipients to regain their autonomy in telling us what they need, because when organizations make assumptions about these needs and wants, they naturally get them wrong


Duet supports local businesses in communities which have been hit hardest by global crises by bringing them direct sales from an entirely new customer base.


We provide donors with radical transparency including a “donation tracker” to see where your money is, every step of the way.

The impact of our work

Duet feels small but thinks big. Currently, our operations are focused in Lesvos, Greece, where we have partnered with an arm of the UNHCR to help support resettled refugee families arriving from all over the world. Already our impact has been meaningful.

See our impact

As we continue to grow, we are exploring global expansion sites as well as application to other issues.

Join us in doing good, better.

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