Michael Cesar - Co-Founder and CEO

Founding Team Member - London, UK

Michael's strong interest in coaching and helping small teams come together to create social change led to his co-founding of and consistency in leading Duet.

His favorite song is Drift Away by Dobie Gray or Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna

Rhys Richmond - Co-Founder and COO

Founding Team Member - Portland, OR

Rhys brings her passion for bringing multiple disciplines and fields to the right tables to create innovation and change to lead operations and growth at Duet.

Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Salt N Straw's Olive Oil... now we hope you'll understand why we think she's pretty strange.

Lucas Hu - CTO

Founding Team Member - Palo Alto, CA

An experienced full-stack developer and data scientist, Lucas champions his interest in using technology to make the world a more equitable place at Duet.

His alternative dream career is being a private chef for a famous basketball player - we can attest, his cooking is quite excellent.

Zachary Fry - Head of Business Development

Pasadena, CA

Zach wants to help Duet positively impact as many people as possible by leveraging connections with like-minded organizations and individuals. He has a background in management and economics with a focus on the intersections of the public and private sectors.

Jaden Young - Head of Design

Oakland, CA

Jaden wants to constantly design better, easier and more intuitive ways to connect donors with refugees and store owners at Duet.

He also has a second degree black belt in karate...making his design skills pretty deadly.

The Team

Our permanent staff volunteers donate their time to furthering Duet's mission of doing good, better.

Charles Liu - Business Development

Cebu, Phillipines

With a background in management consultant, supply chain, and philanthropic business, Charles aids our business development team in helping Duet rebuild more lives across the world.

He dreams of moonlighting as a restauranteur. He'll make sure that all of his future restaurants serve Matcha Green Tea ice-cream - his favorite flavor!

Ibrahim Mokhtar - Operations and Beneficiary Communication

Chicago, IL

At Duet, Ibrahim leverages his fluency in Arabic to communicate with refugee families and ensure beneficiary satisfaction. He also works with our local store owners to ensure that every item donated is smoothly handed off to families.

His future career goal is to become a pediatrician and his favorite food is a Sudanese staple called Gorasa - a bread bowl dish!

Our interns are instrumental in helping us do good, better. View our open positions here.