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Frequently Asked Questions
After I donate an item, where does the money go?
The money donated to Duet will be either wire-transfered or sent through international PayPal, depending on the particular local store. Once the money is received, the shopkeeper will then make the item available for pick-up, completing the loop.
How fast does the item get into the hands of the beneficiary?
Within 1-2 weeks, often times within 4-5 days. Delays occur due to international transfer of funds. Additionally, since constant transportation cannot always be relied upon, Duet families are given a range of several days to pick up their items.
How can I learn more about the refugee crisis and the economic challenges I am helping solve?
We'd love to answer any additional questions - contact us at [email protected]
Our Mission
By connecting donors directly with vulnerable populations across the globe, Duet makes it easy for you to support others in need.
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