Donating an Item
After I donate an item, where does the money go?

The money donated to Duet will be either wire-transfered or sent through international PayPal, depending on the particular local store. Once the money is received, the shopkeeper will then make the item available for pick-up, completing the loop.

Is there an app?

Not currently. Duet is a web-based platform accessible at giveduet.org in any internet browser. We are developing an app platform for our refugee families to use to request and keep track of items more easily!

How do I know that the item actually got to the family?

You will receive updates on the status of each item that you have donated, all the way from payment confirmation to final pickup. Each item is assigned a unique pickup code that is only shared with the refugee family and the store owner, ensuring that the item makes it into the right hands.

Is there a way to donate an item as a gift for someone or in their honor?

There is! You can select the 'Give in someone's honor' option when you checkout and we will send email updates to both you and your honoree

How long does it take for a refugee to receive an item?

It typically takes just a couple days after your donation for the refugee to receive the item. We will keep you updated on your donation’s progress!

Can I subscribe monthly to a family?

We're working to add this feature to Duet as soon as possible!

Our Families
How do I know that these families are actually in need?

Duet partners with nonprofits in Greece that work closely with the refugees and confirm their refugee status based on the required documents.

How do you communicate with refugees?

We have a refugee-facing Facebook page where we handle all communication.

Is there a limit on how much can be requested?

Yes, each family has a monthly budget (€200 - €300) over the course of the year which changes based on the number of family members.

Can refugees request whatever they want?

Within some strict limits, yes! We hand pick which stores we work with, partly based on what they sell. None of our stores sell weapons, profanity or alcohol. Additionally, we screen all the item requests to make sure nothing inappropriate is being donated. But within the rules, they can request whatever they want - they know best!

Our Operations
Is Duet a non-profit?

Almost. Duet is incorporated and will soon be a registered 501(c)(3) making it eligible for tax deductions on donations you give.

How does Duet cover costs?

We rely on the opt-out service fee on donations, a percentage transactional fee from partner stores, and in-kind donations to keep our operations running to give refugees the help they need and deserve.

Why Greece?

Greece is the gateway to safety in Europe for many Syrian and Afghan refugees. Our first operational base on the island of Lesvos has multiple camps that hold thousands of refugees, and its population includes hundreds of partially-resettled asylum grantees. There are currently 50,000 refugees resettling in Greece, according to the International Rescue Committee.

Our Mission
By connecting donors directly with vulnerable populations across the globe, Duet makes it easy for you to support others in need.
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