Help a Family
Is there a way to donate something as a gift for someone or in their honor?

Yes! Select the “Give in Someone’s Honor” option when you check-out and we will immediately notify your honoree of your gift. We’ll also send them information on the gift’s journey from donation to pick-up, and loop you in too!

After I donate an item, where does the money go?

Duet prioritizes transparency at every step. As soon as we receive your donation, we direct the money to the local store via wire transfer or International PayPal transfer. This typically takes 1-3 business days. After the money is received, the local store owner will mark the item as “Ready to Pick-up” and we automatically notify the beneficiary. The very next day, the beneficiary family can walk in the store, show the store owner a unique pick-up code, and head home with the item. And the best part? You can track every stage of every item on the Donation Tracker we send with every donation confirmation.

Can I subscribe monthly to a family?

To our LA Families, yes! Just click “Make this Monthly” at check-out at For our refugee operations, this feature is only weeks away - we’re in the final stages of testing our subscription service and you will soon be able to make your donation monthly to both sides of our platform. This is a fantastic opportunity to lock in your impact and support a family throughout their Duet journey.

How long does it take for a beneficiary to receive an item?

Usually, anywhere from 2-5 days. We’ll update you exactly when it happens!

Is there an app?

Not currently for donors. Duet is a web-based platform accessible at in any internet browser. We are developing a streamlined app for our refugee families to use to request, edit, and keep track of their item requests month-to-month.

How do I know that the item gets to the family?

We’ll make sure of it - and let you know when we know! Duet maximizes check-ins at every stage of the donation process. At item pick-up, we ask both the store owner and the beneficiary to verify that the item was successfully handed off. Furthermore, the beneficiary sends us a confirmation photo of the item as soon as they’re home! For LA operations, both the restaurant and the beneficiary confirm successful drop off of meals each week. The beneficiary then sends us a confirmation photo of the food to ensure everything meets Duet’s standards.

Our Families
How can I know these families are really in need?

We know because we ask the people who are the best informed to make these judgements. In both Greece and LA, Duet sources families exclusively from recommendations from NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) who work closely and in-person with these families. We ask these agents to recommend us who could benefit the most from the boost of becoming a Duet family and go from there.

Why Greece? Why LA?

Greece is the gateway to asylum in Europe for many Syrian, Afghani, and Iranian refugees. Our first operational location of Lesvos, Greece has multiple refugee camps that house thousands of refugees - many of these families head to intermediate housing on Lesvos and, later, in Athens, Greece after they receive preliminary asylum. Greece is a location where many families begin the process of rebuilding their lives - exactly the point in time when the Duet family’s assistance can be most pivotal. LA is our home! Duet started in LA with a determined team of USC alumni and current students. When COVID-19 struck LA hard, the Duet team knew we had to respond quickly. By fast-tracking plans to bring individualized philanthropy to the US, we devised a short-term solution to deliver healthy, warm meals weekly to families hit hardest by the economic down-turn. We’re excited to bring the full Duet experience to LA in 2021 as we work to build a network of small, local stores and passionate donors.

How do you communicate with your beneficiaries?

For our Greece-based refugees, we use Facebook Messenger. For our beneficiaries who lack strong English, we have a team member who speaks Arabic and is adept at using translation tools for Farsi. For LA, we text our beneficiaries directly.

How does Duet tackle the issue of autonomy?

We want to help families rebuild their lives and we understand for that to truly happen, they must be able to thrive on their own. We provide aid for a set amount of time - currently 12 months. We also focus our efforts on donating items that help families regain a basis of normalcy from which they can rebuild - items like household items, technology, toys, and proper-fitting clothes and shoes.

You talk about partially-resettled refugees - what does that mean?

Duet works with refugees who have received semi-stable housing - often from an organization or the Greek government. This means that our families are not living in camps; instead, they are living in temporary apartments or communal living spaces. This is often not their final destination nor their ideal living conditions (most apartments come bare with limited supplies); however, it marks an important step in their road to rebuilding their lives. These new apartments represent safety and identity - no longer are they living in identical flimsy and unsecure tents. They finally have a space suited to springboard them into a new phase of their lives; however, having scant resources, they need your help to make it a home.

Where can I learn more about refugees?

UNHCR and the International Rescue Committee have excellent information about the issues surrounding the refugee crisis. Furthermore, we at Duet have charged ourselves with the initiative to share current news and information about the issues facing our beneficiaries on all of our social media platforms - follow us at  @giveduet on Instagram, @give_duet on Twitter, and Duet on Facebook.

Where can I learn more about homelessness in LA?

LAHSA is a fantastic starting point. Furthermore, we at Duet have charged ourselves with the initiative to share current news and information about the issues facing our beneficiaries on all of our social media platforms - follow us at @giveduet on Instagram, @give_duet on Twitter, and Duet on Facebook.

Our Operations
Is Duet a non-profit?

Almost! Duet is a registered non-profit organization and we are filing for our 501c3 status within the next few weeks. Once that happens, all donations will be tax deductible.

Why local stores? Wouldn’t Amazon be so much easier?

Easier doesn’t always mean better. We realize the power of beneficiaries interacting with local store as a gateway to becoming integrated with the local community. In Greece, it also represents an opportunity to practice language and offsets some of the economic costs of the country bearing millions of refugees (tourism losses combined with a long-lasting economic depression). It also cuts down on wasteful shipping and promotes the local economy - two big wins in our book.

How does Duet cover costs?

We utilize the opt-out service fee on donations, operations gifts from generous donors, and in-kind donations to keep our operations running to give beneficiaries the help they need and deserve.

Can beneficiaries request whatever they want?

Within reason, yes! We hand-pick what stores we work with, partly based on what they sell. None of our stores sell alcohol, weapons, or other dangerous items. Additionally, we scan all item requests to make sure nothing inappropriate is donatable. But, within these guidelines, they can request whatever they’d like up to a certain budget based on how many members they have in their family. The families know best what they need to rebuild their lives.

Our Mission
By connecting donors directly with vulnerable populations across the globe, Duet makes it easy for you to support others in need.
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