Rebuilding Lives. Together.
When a refugee resettles in a foreign country, a new struggle begins: the struggle to rebuild their lives from scratch.
Help a Family
Through our unique approach to aid, you can provide direct support to a refugee family at this pivotal moment, so they can begin living with dignity and unlock their potential as valuable members of their new community.
Duet enables donors to provide meaningful aid to refugees in just 3 clicks.
Duet enables donors to donate to a family’s most pressing needs.
Local store owners reserve items for families to pick up within hours of a donation.
We unite people through the power of dignified aid.
By routing donations through local stores, donors boost local economies.
The Duet Way
Connect with a refugee family on the other side of the world. Duet replaces blind and faceless charity with one-to-one connections.
Your giving supports the struggling local economy. Duet channels your donation through local stores, helping to rebuild the fractured local community.
Refugees choose the items themselves. This means they receive the individualized aid that will help them the most – and the dignity of choice.
Our Impact
“Prior to Duet, we couldn’t provide primary requirements for life.”
A father of 4 living in Greece after fleeing violence in Afghanistan
Rebuild a life.
Help a Family
Our Mission
By connecting donors directly with vulnerable populations across the globe, Duet makes it easy for you to support others in need.
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