Case Study: Papadellis Euronics

Store owner Panos Papadellis posing in front of the Papadellis Euronics storefront in February 2020.

About Papadellis Euronics

Papadellis Euronics is a beloved local electronics store that serves the island of Lesvos, Greece. In February 2019, store owner Panos Papadellis joined the Duet platform as one of our first store partners.

With the onset of the European refugee crisis in 2015-16, Panos watched as tourism plummeted over 90% and fear, misinformation, and animosity drove local Greeks away from the main shopping streets. With revenues down and future business uncertain, Papadellis Euronics is a prime example of a local Greek establishment that the traditional international aid response leaves out.

Since then, Duet has processed over 20,000 euros worth of donations through Papadellis Euronics — transforming international aid into hot water kettles, pans, headphones, basic cell phones, and educational tech for asylum seekers.

Panos enjoys being a part of the Duet system because he can “serve as a vital link to immigrants receiving significant assistance”. Papadellis Euronics is a crucial conduit for our impact on the local Greek island economy.