Los Angeles Operations

Thank you! We are so grateful for everyone’s support. We have received enough contributions from our LA subscriptions to fulfill all of our monthly meals.

While we have completed funding for our COVID-19 response in LA, we are expanding our main operations into Los Angeles as well. Our beneficiary population will continue to be young Angelenos in need.

This expansion will operate the same way as our refugee operations, where families will be able to request the exact things they need from local stores that can be donated through the website. Our plan is to have our Los Angeles operations up and running in early 2021.

In addition to our own operations, we are partnering with other nonprofits and social organizations in the Los Angeles area to share our platform. Duet’s way of giving is new, and we believe that our technology will make organizations’ efforts easier and more effective.

We will be in contact when our LA operations are live! If you'd like to be part of the group helping make this a reality, donate here.