A New Way of Giving

February 8th, 2021

This holiday season has proved to be very different than anything most of us have seen. While I was still able to put up christmas lights way too early and sit around the table with at least a few members of my immediate family for Thanksgiving, the toll that 2020 took on the world was much larger than just a few changes. A global tradition for the holiday season is to consider it a time of giving. Customs of showing appreciation and thanks, giving gifts, and expressing all forms of love has been hindered by the inability to be with loved ones or financially support an entire season of gift giving. Businesses and people around the world have adjusted their holiday season to reap some of the joy and happiness it can still provide. We have also adjusted. 

Greece has enacted a country-wide lockdown, which includes most businesses closing down and trying to stay afloat until the lockdown is lifted. Our traditional platform of alleviating the struggles related to the rebuilding process now requires a simplified version in order to continue helping both receiving ends of a Duet item donation. Our partner stores are unable to get the relief they desperately need, and the refugee individuals and families we work with have no access to these stores for essential needs. 

The most we can do now is to recognize our part in this time of giving. The Duet website has accommodated by accepting all general donations that will be allocated to items as soon as the stores are open and accessible once again. By essentially pooling all donations now, we will be able to flood Lesvos with the financial aid and items they need as soon as they open back up. Our values of Choice, Connection, and Community are still central to our way of giving, but for now, we must simply do what we can to help those who have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic. The holiday season is a time of giving, as well as a key time for donation. While refusing to give up on this opportunity, this is how we have continued to help. 

This year we launched The Neighborhood. A login feature for recurring donors or those with a subscription to keep up with their progress in Doing good, Better.

So far, our efforts have been successful in encouraging those who have the ability to give relief through Duet. Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, and encouraging a “season of giving” has revealed that our Duet community as well as their friends and family have been quick to help. In 2020 alone we had over $64,000 raised and almost 400 new donors!

We are so incredibly thankful to all of our donors who have helped create the outstanding impact in such an unpredictable and tough year for all. While holidays start to dwindle down, we hope that the sincere desire to help continues as we move swiftly into 2021. Our partnerships, operations, design, marketing, and core team have some incredible events planned for these next few months and we hope to continue our exponential growth and step into our full potential as a new way of giving. Look out for next week’s Valentine’s special to donate on behalf of someone you love!