The Duet Love

February 13th, 2021

Duet focuses on always doing good, better. That has been our motto for the past few years and as a smaller non profit organization we recognize the importance of connecting with our donors as well as our refugees. Our holiday season proved to be such a success that we wanted to continue with the love and generosity that comes with Valentine's Day as well! While some may believe this is simply a Hallmark Holiday, it is a reason to show the people around you that you love or care for them greatly. There are many ways to show your love for someone according to the famous five languages of love. Acts of Service, Gift Giving, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Physical Touch are the most common categories in which people show some level of appreciation. Here is how Duet manages to represent all five love languages this year and every year!

Physical Touch: While this might be the first category that comes to mind when you think of showing affection, it is also currently the most difficult to do. While in any normal year Duet would be working together on proposals or website enhancements or traveling to Lesvos to shake the hands of the refugees and business owners that make up this great organization, we simply cannot. With distanced hiking and virtual game nights over zoom I still have so much love for this team and all of the great things we can get accomplished from so far away. Most of the team has yet to meet each other in person even! So while we safely lack physical touch we know that we cannot wait to give a big hug to everyone once it is safe to do so. 

There is never a dull moment in a Duet meeting–especially when photoshop is involved!

Gift Giving: What would Duet be without gift giving? Giving someone the perfect gift is exactly what we specialize in. The love and connection created through giving and receiving gifts is unmatched. Refugee families can walk into their local stores on pickup days and leave with the items that they have been waiting for with a gratitude that we have been so grateful to see and hear about. The thank you letters written to donors have been heartwarming and rewarding for all involved. The Duet team knows this joy of gift giving, and makes it easier for everyone to be a part of this love through our platform. 

Words of Affirmation: As mentioned above, refugee’s have the option to include a thank you message when picking up their items. Whether it is a simple thank you or an explanation of what their item means to them, donors get the transparency and connection that is often skipped over in the donation process. Words of Affirmation come in all forms, and our team rarely lacks this category in the love we share. In our biweekly “All Hands Meeting” the Duet team gets the chance to share their words of affirmation with one another after hearing of their recent accomplishments. I may not know how the design team creates such incredible content, but I am always surprised by the hard work they put in and the final results they present! Hard work and dedication always deserves affirmation.

Quality Time: Connecting with our donors is something we strive to continue doing, even through a pandemic. The quality time spent creating those lasting relationships is incredibly important to the integrity of Duet. Events with Maru Los Angeles as well as our other partners seen in 12 Days of Duet outline the time spent with people we care greatly about. Cooking an amazing meal together and meeting on Instagram Live to hear about other amazing organizations has been a great way to keep everyone updated and engaged into the new features of our donation platform while getting to know us on a more personal level. These events have proven to be very successful and we are so excited to continue more of them in the upcoming weeks as well as in person events when our health and safety are not at risk!

Many thank you messages contain photos of the entire family!

Acts of Service: Acts of Service recognize the actions that speak louder than words. We have had a record amount of success this past holiday season and have foudn that the Duet community is more than willing to show their support year round. In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, we want to give people a way to safely show their love for one another. We recognize that showing affection is more difficult in these pandemic times, and want to make sure that everyone in our community and beyond has an outlet to show their affection. We have opened the opportunity to donate or subscribe to our donations in honor of someone you love. What better way to show someone you care by allowing them to see the support and love provided through a Duet donation. Valentine’s Day is just one day often looked at as a ‘Hallmark excuse’ but can be celebrated for an entire year when you donate in honor of a loved one. 

Physical love is lacking this year, so it is always important to recognize the different ways a community can show their love. We hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day and encourage you to give love through the many love languages listed and consider showing you care about another through a Duet donation!