Help Kickstart Duet’s COVID-19 Response in Los Angeles
In the wake of COVID-19, we are focused on delivering affordable, healthy meals to families and individuals affected by homelessness.
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LA is a city ready to come to the aid of its own

Prior to COVID-19, over 1 million Angelenos were at extreme risk of becoming homeless, unable to afford a single $400 unexpected emergency expense. Already, the impact of the pandemic has been staggering, with nearly 50% of households in LA County experiencing job loss, furloughs or reduced work hours. Young Angelenos who have recently transitioned out of homelessness represent one of the most vulnerable groups having been disproportionately impacted by layoffs. It is expected that many of them will be forced to deplete their savings within the next 10 days and are at immediate risk of becoming homeless again.

Duet is here to help. We are turning our experience in providing one-to-one support to refugee families into a local grassroots response to support our most vulnerable Angelenos through this crisis, providing them with hot meals purchased from local restaurants.

We need to move quickly.

The crisis we, as a city, are experiencing requires a targeted and agile response. In order to succeed, we need your support.

A gift of $5000 will allow us to provide immediate relief and quickly become self-sustainable by:
  • Providing hot meals for young vulnerable Angelenos on day one of operations
  • Supporting local restaurants devastated by the economic impact of the pandemic
  • Covering delivery costs to lessen COVID-19 exposure for Duet families
  • Signing up 300 young Angelenos in need by month three
  • Building our infrastructure to process thousands of hot meals
Join us in rebuilding lives. Together.