October 27, 2020

Our three values, choice, connection and community, guide us through our day to day operations and shape our long term goals. Choice was highlighted this past week on our blog and throughout our social media to show the public why autonomy is so important to this way of giving. This week we’re focusing on Connection. Connection outlines the way that donors and refugees are able to have a direct connection to one another. We’re replacing the idea of a “faceless charity” system. Connecting donors directly to a family in need rather than putting money towards a general cause helps maintain the integrity of those who benefit from donations given. The engagement and understanding between everyone involved in a Duet donation is what makes our system stand out from the rest.

We recognize that supporting a cause that is both physically and socially distant is tough . Someone in the United States living with just enough disposable income to donate likely can’t fully understand what refugees on the island of Lesvos are going through. It may be a difficult choice for that specific individual to help the refugee crisis if they have a more personal tie to a different cause. Research shows that people are more willing to donate to a cause that has a deeper meaning for them. 

We try to tackle that mindset by bringing a more personal connection to the receiving end. Duet welcomes anyone to our site. Whether you would just like to read more about the issue, understand our donation model, or hopefully donate, you are never too far from connecting with a refugee in need. Each family or recipient has their own page explaining their current living situation, where they came from, and other general background info to help a donor understand why they might need these items. All of this information comes directly from one-on-one interviews with our families - they only share the information they are comfortable with. 

Upon receiving the items, a refugee also has the option to send a message , personally to the donor themselves. Duet allows refugees to voluntarily complete this simple task and connect with the donor. The dialogue produced from a single donation is what explains the value of connection that we rely so heavily on. Connection makes every donation or visit to our site all the more worthwhile. 

Gift giving is an incredibly thoughtful act–it’s an entire love language. The feeling of getting someone the perfect gift is irreplaceable. The feeling of receiving something you have desired for so long is unforgettable. We make sure that every donor can always give the perfect gift to a refugee family in need.

With this personal connection comes a level of security that must also be heavily monitored. On the donor’s side, some donations are asked to be kept anonymous, and Duet will always respect these wishes. On the refugee’s side, the information listed about each family and the ability to respond to a donor and thank them personally is always voluntary. Refugee families all have the option to include as little or as much information on their page as they want - including changing their names, including a picture that doesn’t show their face(s), or modifying their stated home country. This maintains their privacy when we ask for donations on such a large media platform. By considering the confidentiality that must come with virtual relationships, Duet gives refugees in Lesvos a direct and safe connection to someone in the world that is looking out for them.

Duet started by going to the source of the issue and connecting directly with refugees that needed a better way of receiving aid. If there had never been a trip to Lesvos, our Core team would have never understood the deep rooted issues with aid and donation systems to the same degree. Connecting to the refugees and local store owners on the island provides a perspective that helped ensure that Duet was designed for maximum connection and impact.  

We encourage all of our readers, followers, donors, and beneficiaries to get connected and give the Duet way!