Sundays with Sebastien

Sunday, Dec 6 @ 10:00am PST

Zoom link provided upon sign up

Reps for Refugees is excited to partner with Lagree Fitness, as CEO and founder Sebastien Lagree guides you through a 50-minute workout.

All proceeds from this free, donations-encouraged class will go to support Duet, a Los Angeles based non-profit that seeks to aid the refugee crisis through new and innovative solutions.

Where fitness meets philanthropy

What is Reps for Refugees?

Reps for Refugees is a fitness series designed to engage new and existing donors in a fun, active environment. By partnering with socially-minded fitness professionals, Duet aims to better assist those in need.

With the help of ambassadors like Lagree Fitness and the participation of generous donors like you, Duet can continue to help refugees rebuild their lives. We thank you for participating.

What is Duet?

Duet is a non-profit that connects donors with vulnerable refugee families. Duet strengthens local economies, empowers families in need, and enhances the donor experience through an innovative method of giving.

Help a family now

What if I don't own a Microformer?

No problem! The Lagree workout is adaptable to all fitness levels and can be done using everyday items found around your home.


A big thank you to our partners at Lagree Fitness for being a Reps for Refugees ambassador! Lagree Fitness is a high intensity, low impact, core, muscular strength, and muscular endurance workout adaptable to all fitness levels. You can learn more about Sebastien Lagree and his patented fitness method here.

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